Companies Need Talent. Talent Needs Companies.

Everyone needs someone to protect their interest.

Ceteri was born to be the ideal partner for headhunting top talent in the tech environment.

Our Comittment

At Ceteri, we are dedicated to offering personalised, customer centric service and human-led support, backed by reliable tech and processes.

We connect talent and companies with long-term foresight, after careful consideration.

But how do we do it?

We read news from around the world to maintain a global perspective on culture, society, geopolitics, and more.

As niche recruiters, we have sector specific knowledge, across key trends, locations, and salary levels.

We become an extension of your team during the whole process.

The ability to adapt to change enables us to find the best companies and talent in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science and connect them together, all while knowing that they are the best fit for each other.


We do this through a custom process we’ve developed that ensures applicants are the cream of the crop, and a fantastic fit for your business, based on your needs.